In case we haven't met, my name is Catherine Carrigan. I'm a holistic health coach, mom of 3, a Diamond leader with doTERRA (which is the leading essential oil and wellness company in the world) and I'm super passionate about all things surrounding health and living a full + inspiring life.



The spark for living a more holistic lifestyle happened when I became a mom. I felt almost thrown into it. Navigating everyday decisions that affected the health of this tiny human I had just given life to. My first born, my son, got off to a bumpy start and was on daily antibiotics as a preventative for possible infections. This continued for his entire first year of life. Without question, I followed everyone else's advice on what was right for my baby in this area and many others. In the pit of my stomach I felt so unsure of myself in handing these situations regarding his health, not to mention my own, that I never acted on my gut instinct to handle things a different way.

But as I stepped into my motherhood role more fully (it honestly took me a few years) I started listening to my God-given intuition regarding health. At the age of 3, my son developed another health condition and one that my pediatrician and pediatric allergist just couldn't "fix." I had to do some digging and figure it out on my own. I was a mom determined to help my child heal. What I didn't realize at the time, was that my whole perspective on health and living healthy was about to change. It lead me to question things I had never learned or thought about growing up. Here’s what happened...

  • I dove head first into the world of nutrition.

  • I found my complete LOVE for essential oils and doTERRA as a company impacting the world so positively.

  • I spent a lot of time examining what's REALLY in things and how it affects our body. Toxic overload is a very real thing.

  • I took better care of myself. Self care became an area I really began paying attention to. It's a form of self love that helps us show up better for those who matter most to us.

I have learned so much and will continue. Looking back, I now realize that was the beginning of where I began to find my voice. To speak up and to ask better questions. I found my confidence as a mom and ultimately as the woman I am today. Whole life wellness is a complete picture that we get to better each and every new day. It's my life's work to help others get there, too.